SOS NPO supports under-privileged communities & schools within the water & sanitation hygiene space (WASH).  Our Projects focus on improving WASH within impoverished areas in the Western Cape.  We collaborate with community stakeholders, government and businesses to provide additional water, sanitation and hygiene sources and solutions, as well as providing non-potable water, transportation and infrastructure.

Our projects address sanitation, hygiene, climate change and education around these issues. We also focus on economic female empowerment and create local job opportunities wherever possible within our on-site project teams.  We include awareness and education initiatives around WASH and the environment within schools. This includes an SDG Youth Club which replicate in other schools.   We work with local leaders, community elders, organisations and citizens to develop easy-to-maintain WASH solutions that meet needs and uplift the sanitation and hygiene available to residents.

Monitor, Evaluate and Learn

SOS is an outcomes based organization. We document processes, results and overall impacts, including changes in individual and collective behaviour and attitudes to steer decision-making and learning.

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We seek workable solutions & actions

We are always on the lookout for innovative partners who can assist us with technological advancements in measurement tools. Our partners help us to continually improve our reporting to ensure that our support has an impact where it is most needed.

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JOIN US on our quest to reach SDG6 Goal - ‘WATER & SANITATION FOR ALL'