Climate Change

The climate has changed and living in Cape Town we are living in the dystopian weather future climate science forewarned. Extreme weather is the new norm and sadly climate scientists have long predicted a severely drier southern Africa.

carbon addicted lifestyle

This climate disruption is caused by the increased volumes of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released by our carbon addicted lifestyle. These come from burning fossil fuels for energy and transport, clearing trees and concreting land, agriculture, and other human activities, including an increased population

The first major city on the planet to run out of water, Cape Town is now feeling the stress of life in a warming world. The average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and its oceans is rising. One of the effects experienced in the Cape is that more rain is falling over the warming ocean than on the land so the dams that feed the city have dried.

short-sighted politics

Unfortunately, politicians, by their own admission, did not factor climate change into their resource planning and management, so we are behind the curve. Citizens are being admonished and, through lowered pressure, cut offs and greatly increased water tarrifs, are now forced to live daily with much less water than last year.

This situation will not change any time soon so it is up to us to act to ensure a healthy life now and for our children in the future.


W12 is an organisation that recognises and hopes to help the 12 key cities running out of water by collaborating and communicating about smart water solutions.

SOS is a W12 initiative.


Communities, Businesses and Schools need help to keep operating during the water crisis. Our future is at stake.