Bloekombos Medical / HIV Clinic


‘Save Our Schools’ (SOS NPO) along with a team from Grundfos, brightened the day of patients at Bloekombos clinic, a primary health care facility in Kraaifontein, by arriving with mascot ‘SmartDrop’ to hand out bottled water along with sunlight soap bars and lollipops for the children.

Save Our Schools have partnered with Grundfos, a global water solutions company, to support the Bloekombos community of over 45,000 residents with sustainable water solutions. The project commenced in September last year, and will be providing water installations, rainwater harvesting tanks to the six schools in the community, as well as Bloekombos Clinic and many micro-businesses, such as taxi/car washes and micro-gardens which sustain many families in the community. Shelley Humphreys, Executive Director of SOS NPO stated “Collaborations between Corporates and NPO’s are essential to provide long term sustainable impactful solutions for communities such as Bloekombos”.

The bottled water had been collected by Grundfos employees during a ‘walk for water’ event held on World Water Day. The event ‘Let’s Make Water a Global Priority’ aimed to highlight the plight of the nearly 1 billion underprivileged people, who do not have ready access to clean drinking water. 760 litres were collected and donated to the Clinic, which services over 350 patients a day. Bloekombos is the fastest growing settlement in the western cape. Susan Kellerman, Manager of the clinic stated “We desperately need to expand the clinic as the community grows, we assist with a range of health care services providing HIV, Aids and TB related treatment as well as Immunisations, child health and pregnancies. Thanks so much for coming through and brightening the day of our patients”.

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