Covid-19 Community Hand-Washing Stations


Project Status

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation project is to install ‘Emergency Hand-Washing Stations’ to the Bloekombos & Wallacedene informal communities.

These ‘Community Hand-Washing Stations’ are vital to assist with water & sanitation access, in an attempt to delay the spread of the virus throughout this very close, dense population. There are millions of people in SA, who are suffering with HIV and TB, leading to very weak & suppressed immune systems.

In the continued efforts, we will erect additional hand-washing stations with liquid soap and clearly marked for handwashing purposes only. The tanks will be placed at the taxi ranks and other identified community locations, where we have already received permission from ‘Bloewata’, the Bloekombos and Wallacedene taxi association.

At these hand-washing stations we will provide noticeboards of Educational/information to the community.

Outline of the plan:

Location of key areas where the Community Hand-Washing Stations would be most beneficial, in providing access to those residents who are further away from community taps. (these points have already been located).

Building of cement plinths at these areas to support the weight of the Water Towers.

Installation of the Stations – 14 x 10,000 and 14 x 5,000 Litre water tanks, filled with clean non-potable water, as well as Sanitizer/Hand Wash push dispenser.

At these water towers we can provide noticeboards of Educational/information to the community – such as:

  • COVID-19 – symptoms
  • Importance of hand-washing – how to effectively hand-wash
  • Emergency numbers
  • Other messaging to be confirmed
  • Importance of social distancing

SOS work on the frontline, on-the-ground within Informal communities and townships. Bloekombos, comprises of shack dwellings, housing approximately 50,000 residents. It comprises 6 schools (2 secondary) as well as a community centre, a community clinic and numerous taxi-car washes & other micro-businesses such as micro- gardens. Wallacedene is an informal housing settlement in the eastern suburbs of Cape Town in the Oostenberg municipality. This community comprises shack dwellings, housing approximately 55,000 residents. It comprises 10 schools: 2 high schools, 7 primary schools and 1 creche as well as a community centre, a community clinic and numerous taxi-car washes & other micro-businesses such as micro-gardens. Currently, all residents rely on communal municipal water taps, which are spaced across the community.

This is a continuation of the work implemented in the informal settlement of Bloekombos, Kraaifontein, where SOS NPO have been providing extensive support, since the water crisis in 2018. Utilising the network and knowledge of the community, we have extended our work of providing water solutions for non-drinking purposes. SOS provides clean non-potable water for their use, which is trucked from a sustainable source in the CBD. For the implementation task teams, SOSNPO will utilise local resources within the community, ensuring job creation and knowledge transfer to the community.


Communities, Businesses and Schools need help to keep operating during the water crisis. Our future is at stake.