SOS NPO Water Delivery

Cape Town is facing another long, hot summer and the demand on our limited municipal water reserves has intensified.

SOS NPO Water Delivery

5000 litres
7500 litres
10 000 litres
20 000 litres

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SOS CPT Water Wise is a Non-Profit Organisation providing alternative water sources and water saving solutions for schools, hospitals and public clinics free of charge. We also serve local businesses in Cape Town helping them use less council water and save money in the process.

We deliver CRYSTAL CLEAR, legally sourced filtered non-potable water from our aquifer for all non-drinking uses such as pools, laundry facilities, ablutions, washrooms and irrigation.

Get your Bulk Non-Potable Water Delivery FAST.

This rate will be received as a donation to our NPO, so you will be eligible for a 28% Tax Exemption. This means the water delivery will ultimately cost you less than 30 cents per litre. We will provide you with 18A Tax Exemption Certificate to file with SARS.

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