Water Treatment Program

SOS NPO has together with their associated partner NUWATER developed a full solution for the Schools & Communities of Cape Town to receive safe, clean drinking water.

Water is a powerful vehicle for exploring ideas and issues in science, technology, society and environment. The knowledge, skills, values and actions linked to water and water treatment are diverse and significant and provide numerous opportunities for first-hand experience and integration with many curriculum areas. 

Water is a ‘real life’ topic to which children can easily relate. Without water, there can be no life as we know it. Without adequate treatment, 99% of our water would be unsafe to drink. 

We tend to think about water only during times of drought or when some negative aspect of water quality hits the headlines, yet water is integral and essential to every aspect of our daily lives. 

For most people, our familiarity with water from the tap is matched by a lack of awareness of where water comes from, where wastewater goes, and of the infrastructure needed to maintain them. 

Water seems to ‘appear’ and ‘disappear’ as if by magic at the turn of a tap, the pull of a plug or the touch of a button. Its means of transportation and treatment are often a mystery. 

Globally, safe, drinking water needs to have much respect as the ever-diminishing resource that it is and education is key to ensuring that citizens can assist in preserving this minute resource.


Communities, Businesses and Schools need help to keep operating during the water crisis. Our future is at stake.